I think now more than ever Ive been super mindful of what Im doing and how it affects the things around me or within me. I do this with almost anything I do, I like to weigh out my options and how each choice might affect me in the future. And of course, the right option might always be the most fun, but in the long run it will benefit you in a positive way.  This could be as simple as what you eat to as drastic as selling your house and moving in with your parents to save money.

A constant debate I have with myself is always should I bike or should I drive. The correct answer should (always) be bike. BUT sometimes thats not always the case….unfortunately. As much as I would love to bike EVERYWHERE there are things I need to consider.

1.What is my time window?

2.Do I need to dress nice?

3. What is the weather going to be like?

Number 2 is usually what keeps me off my bike the most. (Business stuff you know?)

Music can affect you in a positive and negative way. Put good in, get good out, amiright? I try to listen to music that I know will affect my mood in a positive way. That sounds stupid and slightly narcissistic. But I can tell how my mood can shift if I listen to DMX or if I listen to The Lumineers. Two completely different Lydia’s. I like The Lumineers Lydia better.

Everyone has free will and everyone is given a choice. sometimes they’re given 3 choices and which ever you choose can effect you in the moment or in the long run. For instance, we can choose to ask “no straw” or ask for a straw. Neither one of these options will  impact you in the moment but rather maybe 10 years down the road when our oceans are pumped with over 14 billion pounds of garbage (most of it being plastic). So, be mindful and ask no straw…or bring your own reusable straw if your that adamant about using a fricken straw. Just think about who your hurting when you ask for one. BE MINDFUL.

I can go on forever about this topic, but Im working on keeping my blog post short and sweet, knowing we live in a fast pace world and not everyone has 20 mins to sit down and read… which I hate, but that a topic for a whole different post. So we’ll finish this with one more mindful topic. Think about your life. Think about your “extracurricular” (as my mom would call it). How do these things benefit you? If something doesn’t benefit you in a positive way, then why continue doing it? If that group of people make you feel like shit, then why hang around them? If you hate getting hangovers, then don’t drink.  Easy as that! Like I said the right choice might always be the most fun BUT its the choice that will be more beneficial in the future.

I’d like to dedicate this post to:

Jan Alvey (@jmalvey)

Larry Waldburger (@larryjaywaldburger)


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