Note to myself

So, about a week ago I bought a Jake Bugg CD, yes I bought a physical copy (I’m very old fashioned), and listened to it in its entirety. And album as a whole is really good, but there was one song that really stuck out to me, that song is called “Note To self”. the lyrics go..

Girl, don’t beat yourself up
Your best is good enough
So pick the pen up

And write a note to yourself

Those lyrics especially stuck out to me, because he’s right. I am not by any means perfect, but I am trying my very best. Things happen, and its not my fault. So, I am going to do exactly what the song says and write an pen letter to myself.


Dear Lydia Diane,

Why do you feel like you need to make everyone like you? Why do you constantly think of what other people think of you? Why don’t you express yourself more? Lydia, you need to start doing more for you and less for others. But never stop being kind, just focus more on you. Get rid of the toxic people in your life and replace them with people that will help you better yourself. People with the same morals and interest as you.

Dear Lydia, remember that book you started reading over the summer but never finished? I want you to pick that book back up and finish it. You are constantly wondering how it will end, but never do anything about it. And that goes for a lot of things…the rug you started, the boy you liked (but stopped talking to him because you were scared of rejection). And when was the last time you picked up your guitar? You loved playing guitar, why did you stop?

Do you remember when you went to the gym everyday, remember how good you felt? How good you looked? Lets do that again. Lets stop quitting what we start. You’re really good at giving up, but its become unhealthy. For once, lets finish something. Lets finish that book, talk to that boy, work on that rug, play guitar, go to the gym. Do things for you. And only you. Your happiness and wellbeing is the most┬áimportant thing there is.

Love yourself, and don’t be cruel.

Be the best YOU that you can be.

Love always,

Lydia Diane xoxo


Please don’t judge me…I’m new.

Hello, let me introduce myself, my name is Lydia Diane. I am 18 years old and currently going to school in Wisconsin as a video production major. MY hobbies are (of course) gardening, making coffee, and filming. I also snowboard, as well as teach it at a local ski hill near where I live. I have been snowboarding since I was in the 8th grade when I basically told my parents that I want to quite swimming to become a snowboarder. Needless to say, they were not very happy with my decision, but it was probably the best decision I’ve ever made. Mostly because most of my decisions aren’t very good ones… Im not perfect. ┬áI’m only 18, and while most of my friends from high school are A. getting married or B. Moving far away, i’m still trying to figure of what i’m having for dinner tonight. Things are changing and its all happening so fast, sooo that is why i started this blog, to document all of my very merry mishaps that happen throughout my teens and 20s.

I am currently sitting in a coffee shop in Milwaukee, and next week ill be in Duluth. And the week after that ill be…well I don’t know yet. I guess well have to find out.

Love always,

Lydia Diane xoxo